I help people to remember themselves as they really are. Without boring posing, without computer effects. Only natural, live and real emotions.
You will get:
Fulfillment of desires
Keep yourself as you really are. Today. Real. Alive. Without corrections and inventions.
Comfortable process of shooting.
No images like "Buddhist monk in the morning rack" and other fancy compositions. Easy and relaxed, remaining yourselves.
Photos that are worth it.
I work with a professional Canon technic, shoot on Canon 5D Marc IV and with a set of "L"-series lenses. Every year I attend workshops of world-famous photographers. I have my own technique of light and color photo correction.
ALL photos in the same style and the same author processing
There is no better, but some worse. All are good !!! :)
Two versions of photos.
Сolor and black-and-white photos.
One more copy.
Small size versions of photos for publication on the Internet and sending to relatives from other cities through a network.
You will receive photos at the stated time.
I'm punctual in everything. I do not need to run after me.
Giving photos during THREE weeks!
You will not have time to forget the wedding toasts, as the pictures will already be with you.
You will receive photos on the USB flash drive
Such a beautiful, with author's design:). It will remind you about the wedding day!
Full-size photobook!
It is not a secret that only photo you can keep in hands will remain forever. We all have such examples. Dont trust digital media to keep your history, it can suddenly lose all the information.
Set of photocards!
You can present it to your relatives or keep it for yourselves.
The joy of the guests!
During the wedding not only you can get the photo masterpieces, but your relatives and friends as well. Not for nothing they also made hair and bought suits))
Saving time searching the right photographer..
Because you already found him!)
All prices are discussed individually.