I help people to remember themselves as they really are. To make photo-walks comfortably, without stress.
I shoot weddings, travels, personal portraits. On commercial basis and TFP.
I have over than 7years photo practice, 2courses of photo schools . Also every year I attend workshops of world-famous photographers, I constantly improve my level. I made photos in many cities of Russia and in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Spain.
I don't work for everyone, do not take everything in a row! I only work with those who appreciate natural beauty and natural live photos. I don't shoot boring posturing. You will not be frozen puppets on my photos, you will live and breathe.

It is easy to work with me. I don't make you to be supermodels, I want you to be yourselves.

In the process of shooting, we make situations when you comfortably and of course naturally can live, move, smile and do what you usually do. In that case, the photo will keep and share your energy, your moods, and emotions. I noticed when people stop pose the shine appears in their eyes… The photo comes to life and begins to breathe.

I will show your real beauty! I will not draw it;)

If you appreciate and like what I like, you are my client. And you will be delighted!